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Scams and the IRS
Every day we receive phone calls, texts, e-mails regarding those wanting us to let go of our personal information. DO NOT FALL INTO THESE TRAPS. They are designed to scare and intimidate you to release your private information so they can steal your identity. IRS Scams - Please note that the IRS will NEVER send you an e-mail requesting confidential information, nor will they phone you or show up at your door. If they request your confidential information THEY ARE NOT THE IRS. Remember the IRS already has your information. Keep your identity safe - answer to no one. No matter what they threaten you with. If a phone call hang up and do not respond to them. If an e-mail or text, delete it and don’t open it or click on any links. If they are the IRS they will notify you by mail and they will never request your confidential information. If you receive an e-mail DO NOT click on any links, instead forward the e-mail to phising@irs.gov (see instructions at www.irs.gov)